Live In Las Vegas And Have A Pet? Call Us First!

There are many Las Vegas veterinarians to choose from, all with different specialties and areas of expertise.  The most obvious reason that one Las Vegas resident would choose to bring their pet to a specific veterinarian is proximity to their home or work place, due to the fact that it is easier to make regular trips to a nearby location than it is to drive all the way across town.  The second most important aspect of why you should choose a particular veterinarian is their knowledge of veterinary science and their personality.  A veterinarian who is passionate about their work and truly caring about your pet’s well being is going to provide a much better experience for both you and your pet than one who is simply collecting a paycheck.  While most veterinarians are passionate about their work, we at Pet Health Animal Hospital provide a level of caring and understanding about your pet’s health that is rarely seen in other clinics where money comes first and service comes second.  We care about the well-being of your pet even more than the money you pay for services, and we prove it every day with our “Canine Health” and “Feline Health” programs, in addition to the free services we offer to those who adopt pets from our local shelters and rescues in Las Vegas.

Our “Canine Health” and “Feline Health” programs are maintenance programs designed to keep your pet healthy over the course of their lifetime, and do everything in our power to avoid surgeries and expensive procedures.  The idea behind the programs is to use the knowledge that we have gained over many years of practicing veterinary medicine to keep the pet parent coming back for regular and routine maintenance procedures at specific times.  This type of schedule is specific for your pet’s breed and health, and involves preventative vaccinations, exams and treatments that we know effect your type of pet over time.  By doing everything in our power to avoid the disease of condition that we know effects your pet’s breed, we can avoid the disease itself in many cases.  This translates to far lower costs associated with the lifetime care of your animal, as well as potentially having to make a decision based upon money if your animal is sick.  Our goal is to avoid the expensive procedures by doing ongoing low-cost procedures, keeping your pet healthier and happier over the course of their lifetime.  We don’t make as much money in the long run, but we get to have patients who are healthier….which makes us happy.  The “Adoption Rewards” program that we offer provides free or low cost procedures to those who adopt an animal from a Las Vegas shelter or rescue, giving those animals who may have lacked good veterinary care previous to your finding them a better chance of living a healthier life.  We don’t think you should have to return an animal to a shelter because you find out that it is sick, so instead we make it affordable by giving you many services for free as a thank you for adopting.  Las Vegas shelter pets need a hand, and we want to give it to them.

Because of our dedication to veterinary medicine,  we find that many of our pet parents are willing to drive a little further to visit us.  We appreciate the fact that pet parents have seen our dedication, and are willing to come a little further than they normally would to visit us instead of a close clinic. We thank you for your dedication, and promise that we will continue to provide the best animal medical care in Las Vegas.