Pet Breed Specific Care

Pet Health Animal Hospital is a different kind of pet medical facility. We were founded on the idea that if we can prevent an illness or disease in an animal using minimal cost vaccinations and exams, it is better

for everyone than just concentrating on treating the animal once they are sick.

The reasons behind this philosophy are simple, that the doctors who created Pet Health have seen far too many pet parents making decisions to either give up or euthanize pets who are sick and need expensive surgeries or treatments, simply because they do not have the money to pay for adequate care at that point. This heartbreaking decision on the part of a pet parent can many times be avoided by simple maintenance over the years between birth and old age, and the ongoing wellness exams and vaccinations are only small costs in order to avoid much larger ones. As a result of seeing this situation far too many times, Dr. B and the other veterinary professionals at Pet Health created the “Canine Health” and “Feline Health” programs, which are simple blueprints to follow based upon your pet’s breed, age, and health status in order to get early detection of treatable issues or completely avoid the medical problems altogether through simple steps at specific points in the animal’s life. By knowing what kinds of issues each type of pet will statistically be prone to, the “Lifetime Care” programs target avoiding both typical issues for the type of animal but also the breed. Because each type of breed is more prone to its own host of potential problems, the ongoing maintenance is tailored towards looking for signs of these issues before they become an issue.

The idea of preventive wellness care started with human beings when workplaces and insurance companies realized that by promoting good health they could reduce the instances of diseases that have higher price tags for treatment. This same type of program is offered for free to every patient at Pet Health Animal Hospital and begins the moment your pet is examined for the first time. Your pet is put into our system where it is cross-referenced for the breed and health status, providing a maintenance schedule of different vaccinations and checkups which will potentially help avoid the problems that have been seen in the past with that breed. By knowing what to look for, we create a wellness program specifically for your pet, based upon what we already know to look for. While this program is free to all patients, it is also worth noting that it is applicable to “breed-specific care.”

At Pet Health Hospital, our veterinarians are experts in your pet’s breed. If you are looking for a veterinary clinic that specializes in pitbulls, pugs, or Siamese cats, we have that expertise. Our wellness programs are designed specifically to guide the care of your pet based upon all of the research and experience we have with that particular breed of dog or cat, making us true experts in breed-specific care for your best friend.