Pet Health Hospital

Adopt a Shelter Pet

The problem of overcrowding in the shelters all over the country result in the euthanizing of thousands of animals every day. The overcrowding in shelters is the result of indiscriminant breeding and lack of spaying and neutering of pets. In Las Vegas, over 200 animals are surrendered to the shelter every day, and more than 100 of those are euthanized each and every day. Doing that simple math points to the abysmal odds pets have who enter the shelter system. One Las Vegas animal hospital offers greatly reduced fees for spaying and neutering in an effort to lend a helping hand toward the problem of pet overpopulation. The awareness must continue to be raised to educate the public on this growing problem, and be not only encouraged to spay and neuter pets, but to also choose to adopt pets from the shelter instead of buying one from a breeder of pet store.