Pet Health Hospital

Dental Care for Pets is Important

Dental care for your pet is as important to them as your own dental care is to you. Pets, unlike us, are unable to brush their own teeth, so they are particularly prone to dental disease. Gingivitis and tooth loss are only two of the outcomes from a lack of dental care. Pain is also a problem for animals with dental issues, as well as unpleasant breath. Although brushing your pet’s teeth is ideal, it is not practical for every pet owner. For these people who do not brush their pet’s teeth, it is especially important that they see a vet regularly for inspection of the teeth for signs of disease. As noted by one Las Vegas animal hospital, lack of oral maintenance not only helps to keep your pet comfortable, it may save their life. As the overpopulation of bacteria increases, they are swallowed and enter the system, where they can cause heart problems and illness.