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Las Vegas Veterinarian Attempts To Increase Pet Adoption Rates

slider4With our recently launched website community “Pet Adoption Las Vegas” we are attempting to create a community hub where Las Vegas residents who adopt pets through rescues and shelters can get support, tips and advice.  One of the most difficult aspects of pet adoption is the fact that it rarely comes with much understanding of the animal’s past, and instead will generally start from the moment the adoption takes place.  Attempting to learn all of the medical aspects of a pet that you have just adopted, in addition to the ongoing challenges that come with inviting any new animal into your home, can prove to be overwhelming for some.  Factor cost into this equation and we find a trend that happens all too often, that the new pet owner does not take the new pet to see a veterinarian until something happens medically.  In many cases, this may cause the new pet owner to potentially reconsider the pet and potentially even return them to the shelter, as the costs of a medical problem were outside of what were considered when they made the adoption.  Pet Health Hospital is attempting to reduce the number of adoption failures, as well as increasing the adoption rate for pets in Las Vegas by providing a number of free gifts to newly adopted pets in the form of medical care and screening.

Most rescues and shelters provide some form of reduced cost programs through partner veterinarians at the time of adoption.  What you will usually see in these types of programs is some free or reduced cost food or treats, and potentially a free initial exam from a veterinarian.  This is usually the extent of help that a new adoption receives, and will usually be available only through specific rescues.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with these offers and gifts, the sad fact is that unless you adopt your new pet specifically from the rescue or shelter that has partnered with a particular veterinarian, you will not receive the benefits available.  Pet Health Hospital has decided to offer their program to the adopting pet parent directly, instead of through specific rescues and shelters.  Doing it this way enables us to increase the amount of potential recipients, due to the fact that we are not connected specifically to one rescue or group.

What does this mean for me as a person in Las Vegas who has adopted an animal? Simple, it means that if you have adopted a new pet from any shelter or rescue in Las Vegas in the las 30 days, you are able to receive our free gifts of medical care and insurance.  It is irrelevant if you adopted your pet from the Animal Foundation, from the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue or any other group.  As long as you adopted your new pet in Las Vegas from a licensed rescue organization, then your pet is eligible.  We do not want to play favorites, or compete with other veterinarians in Las Vegas who are partnered up with a specific organization.  Instead, our goal is simply to offer some free services to anyone who adopts a pet, and we feel that by easing the burden of initial medical costs that might be difficult for some new adoptions, we can help more pets find new homes.

What do I get if I adopt an animal in Las Vegas? Our program gives you a free initial examination and lifetime care plan for your new pet, as well as a preventive wellness blood screening and intestinal parasite screening.  Also, every newly adopted healthy pet is provided with 30 days of insurance coverage at no cost to the owner.  This could potentially save thousands of dollars if a medical problem arises that needs costly treatment or surgery, and gives that new pet a far greater chance of keeping their new home if these kinds of potential costs were not a factor.  If we can prevent one animal from being returned to a shelter because his or her initial medical bills were too high, we want make sure we take those steps and give them a chance.

Our New Pet Adoption Program is open to anyone who adopts a pet in Las Vegas, and by providing this head start we hope that more people will adopt pets instead of buying them from pet stores or breeders.  Our community currently has one of the highest kill rates in the country for animals that end up in shelters, we are going to try and change that statistic to the opposite.  Our goal is to make adopting a pet more beneficial than buying one, and as a result perhaps we can save some animal’s lives.