Pet Health Hospital

Lifetime Veterinary Care

Lifetime care programs for animals involve specific maintenance procedures like wellness exams and vaccinations to be conducted at specific times during your pet’s life.  Dr. Beerenstrauch has created the first of it’s kind wellness program for dogs and cats, taking into consideration not only the species of the animal, but also the breed and other specifics.  Through this attention to detail combined with years of veterinary experience, wellness programs at Pet Health Hospital are crafted specifically for your animal.  The Feline Health and Canine Health programs pinpoint the specific times during your pet’s life when maintenance procedures are necessary for keeping in good health, and by following these programs pet parents can avoid the costly illnesses and surgeries that complicate animals lives, as well as cost far more than the small periodic procedures.  Inquire about our pet wellness programs, available exclusively to our pet patients at Pet Health Hospital.