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Changing Weather In Las Vegas

Anyone who has lived in Las Vegas for more than a year realizes that the weather changes pretty dramatically and pretty quickly here, and with the first day of fall now officially over, we can expect the change to colder temperatures to be happening over the next few weeks. While this break from the heat […]

Pain Management In Pets

Pain management in pets is one of the more difficult aspects of veterinary science, due to the fact that animals will typically hid their pain as much as possible due to their natural instincts to appear healthy.  Due to the fact that they will show as few telltale signs that they are in pain as […]

What Happens During My Pet’s Exam?

When a veterinarian examines your pet for a routine checkup, they are looking at your animal’s vital signs, possibly taking blood samples for testing against known potential health risks, looking for signs of disease or infection, and generally taking into account any changes that can be noticed since the last time they were seen.  Weight […]

What Happens During A Veterinary Dental Cleaning?

As a responsible pet owner, you always have the best interest of your pet in mind, and you want them to remain as happy and healthy as possible.  Even though it is not necessary for animals to brush their teeth the way that humans do, a periodic dental exam and cleaning can assist your pet […]

What To Do If Your Dog Is In A Fight, The Wheelbarrow Technique

All dog owners who frequent areas where there are other dogs present will observe a dog fight or have their dog in a fight sooner or later.  Even the most passive dogs will be attacked from time to time by other dogs, either while they are being walked or while they are loose in a […]

Help! My pet got stung by a scorpion!

Living in Las Vegas, we have a great number of insects that are only found in desert climates, and unfortunately, many of these insects have bites and stings that can be quite painful, if not deadly to pets and humans alike.  Without going into a list of insects that are common to the Las Vegas […]

Is pool chlorine safe for dogs?

As the summer temperatures get hotter (especially in extremely hot areas like Las Vegas) it is common for families to consider allowing their dog to jump into the pool with them in order to cool off.  One of the most common questions that are asked of veterinarians and animal hospitals during the summer months will […]

How To Choose An Animal Hospital

There are many different things to consider when you are choosing an animal hospital or veterinarian for your new pet.  Several aspects of the clinic are probably more important to you than others, as you can assume that as long as the clinic has a good reputation (look through Yelp and Google+ reviews or ask […]

See Your Veterinarian Regularly

A common question that is asked is “how often should I take my dog or cat to the veterinarian?” The answer to this question relies on several factors including your pet’s age and general state of overall health, but for the most part it is determined by the age of your pet.  Pet Health Hospital […]